Getting them Out There

So when i first started playing around with you tube and trying to get friends and subscribers i didn’t really know any good way to go about doing it. All i knew to do is to try to get friends. So i would search cartoons and shows that were kind of, sort of, halfway related to my cartoons. I looked at videos like Robot Chicken, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Itchy and Scratchy, ATHF, and so on. When i viewed these videos i would post a comment (i heard that was a good thing to do) and i left a video response on the ones i could leave one on. Then i would make my way down the comments. I went to all of the users profiles, who left comments, and sent them a friend request. This worked, but i could only spend so much time doing that. I needed help.

After a few days of sending friend request i talked to a guy i know named Scottie. I just asked him to check out my videos and to leave a few comments. He then told me about something called TubeToolBox ( ). i was kinda skeptical about it at first. I had already seen “view boosters” all over the internet that claim to add views to your videos, or comments, or what ever. There were tons of those. All of the cost a pretty penny though. But i wanted subscribers, not a lot of fake views. I wanted people to actually watch my videos and leave REAL feed back, not some computer generated comment.

Still being skeptical, i looked into this Tube Toolbox thing. It seemed like a good idea. It too cost money. Then i think of the old saying, “it cost money to make money.” Was this one of those situations? I hope so. So i jumped in and paid for the program. It wasn’t too pricey. About $20 start up fee, and then about $10 a month. So i paid $30 for the first month to see how it would work. A small investment.

So what does Tube Toolbox do? Basically it’s a spamming machine! And it works. What you do is you search a video similar to the videos on your channel. Then you “gather” the users on that page. The toolbox searches through all the users listed on your page and sorts them into a list. Then…… you take that list of users that you gathered and you decide what to do with them. You can send them messages, friend request, comments or whatever. Now this process isn’t instant. To get by Youtube’s “rules” the toolbox cannot send out a message or friend request any faster than a person could do it themselves. so that’s at a rate of about 1 message every 4 minutes or 1 friend request every minute and a half. So why ust the Toolbox? Because noone wants to spend 24 hours a day sending messages. The tool box does that for you. As long as you leave the program running then it will send messages and/or friend request all day and all night.

When i started using Tube toolbox i had a total of 16 subscribers. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now. I now have over 450 subscribers. I have over 3,400 friends now. What i do with the toolbox is i gather users the same way i would find them if i did the sending myself (from related videos) and then i send everyone a friend request. Then i send everyone a message asking to subscribe to my channel and i attach a video to each one of my messages. So far it has worked awesomely.

Beware! You are sending messages to almost EVERYONE when you use the Toolbox. There are a lot of wanna be “critics” out there as well as a lot of assholes out there. They will send dirty messages. I just have fun and send one back. Either that or i block the user.  But don’t let it get you down, or mad. It happens to everyone…i hope it’s not just me anyway.

About Randall P

I am a Graphic Designer and aspiring animator. I love art of any kind, but my favorite thing to do is create characters and then make them come to life. I've started on my short YouTube series called The Vegie-Tables, as well as a short called The DipDock Crows. Check them out at
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