Starting off with Tube ToolBox

When i first started using Tube Toolbox to get an audiance on my Youtube Channel i started getting a little discouraged. I’ve never really let others watch my cartoons other than just close friends. So i really didn’t know what kind of reaction i would get. When people started leaving comments on my videos most of them were pretty negative. Not a healthy critiquing negative either. They were simple post like “you suck” “fuck you” blah blah blah. Getting messages like that make anyone feel a little doubtful of their work. But oh well, there are a lot of ass holes out there. And most of them are probably kids who can’t curse in front of their parents so they curse online to kinda rebel a little bit. Then too, there were good negative feed backs. People would leave honest thoughts on where i could improve on my animations. While those were still a little hard to take, i really did appreciated those. Those actually help.
I had one more episode of The Dip Dock Crows that i had been working on. My friend Nathan Louis had come over and we were able to go over his lines for one last episode: Timber. I had had this script written out for some time. I just hadn’t gotten around to doing it. The script was pretty simple. Not much to it. I had a lot of fun with the animation though. I’m still learning a little bit everytime i make a new episode. I still challenge myself to new techniques. Its fun. I love it. Here’s my new episode of The Dip Dock Crows:

About Randall P

I am a Graphic Designer and aspiring animator. I love art of any kind, but my favorite thing to do is create characters and then make them come to life. I've started on my short YouTube series called The Vegie-Tables, as well as a short called The DipDock Crows. Check them out at
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