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There are several ways to make money on the internet. A very popular way is to use Google’s Adsense. Adsense is a way to get advertisers to pay you for posting their ads on your website or blog. The most common way to earn money from Adsense is through their “Adsense for content” option. On this option you can post either a text or image advertisement on your page. There are several different size and color options for the ads so you are sure to find one that goes with your site.  You simply add the generated code (provided by Adsense) where you want your ad to appear and Adsense takes care of the rest. They will select an ad that is targeted toward your sites content or audience. You don’t however get paid for the ad just appearing. The viewer of your site must click on the ad for you to get paid. Another option is Adsense for search. On this option you can add a Google Search bar at the top of your site. With this users can search either your site or the entire internet  for the topic of their choice. On the results page there are ads related to the users search. If they click on the add, then you get paid. The third most popular option is Adsense for Domains. This comes in useful if you have a domain that either you are not useing or that is under construction. When you set this option up when someone types in your domain name then they are redirected to a google search page that is relative to your domain name. If the user clicks on an ad on this page, then you get paid. There are a few other options to use such as Adsense for feeds, mobile content, and mobile applications. I’m not going into detail about these but check them out on the Adsense site. Adsense and Youtube Partnerships If you are planning on applying for a partnership with youtube to monetize with your uploaded videos, then you must set up an Adsense account. if you do not set up an Adsense account then YouTube can not pay you, thus there is no reason to have a partnership. My Personal Experience With Adsense So far, i think i have made a total of $13.00 using adsense. Why so little? Well for starters I have almost no traffic on my website. Traffic to your site is the key to making money from your website. The more people that visit your site, then the more people are likely to click on one of the ads. Just recently (with in the past 3days) i was approved for a YouTube Partnership. So i am keeping an eye on my Adsense account hoping that it will increase. I’ve already noticed a small increase in income. Hopefully it will be much more soon! How? Adsense is very simple to set up and most importantly it’s FREE! First set up a Google E-mail account. Then go to . Create an account and fill in all of the necessary info and submit it. There are several steps after joining. But it is simple, just follow the instructions.

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