Randall P
Who is that idiot behind the cartoons? Who comes up with all those stupid crazy ideas? Who is the creator and animator of The Vegie-Tables and The DipDock Crows? Yep, it's Randall P.

About Me!
I am Randall P. I'm a crazy fun-loving guy. I know my cartoons are sick and twisted at times, but that's my view on the world. That's how it is whether we like it or not. I'm very sarcastic about it and it shows in my cartoons.
I created the series The Vegie-Tables and The DipDock crows. They are both side projects as I gain an audience and learn more about animation and marketing. I have better ideas up my sleeves but the world isn't ready for them yet. The cartoons I create are 100% my work. Including, but not limited to, the background design, audio track, voice recordings, character designs, animation, ect. I do it all by myself. I wish I had a like-minded partner, but there is no one around me thats into animation. (That I know of)
If you are wondering... I do not get paid for my cartoons. I do it all in my spare time as a dream of creating a famous cartoon series someday. I have recently been partnered with YouTube, however, that deosen't bring in enough money to even worry about right now. So buy my STICKERS!
I originally created Randall P Studios as a personal portfolio of my work. I am currently exploring my abilities in Flash animation as I earn a degree in Graphic Designs at a local community college. I may transfer to an animation school to learn how the big guys do it.
I also have some background in web design. I have put this website together as well as a few others.
I am also fluent in Adobe Indesign and Illustrator. I have worked with them on several occasions in my school work designing magazine covers, product packaging, and magazine articles. You can view my work on my portfolio page.
As I make my way through college I am trying to also build my portfolio (and my bank account) by doing jobs for others in animation or design. If you are in need of any design work or animation then you can get in touch with me through my Contact Page and I will be glad to work with you.

Thanx For Reading,
Randall P