12-1-2011 Contest Ended Promotion Worked

Here’s my stats as of today:
Friends: 30,508 (+1906)*
Subscribers: 7,363 (+749)*
Channel Views: 89,347 (+2,146)*
Upload Views: 225,241 (+20,414)*
Most viewed video: Annoying Orange Parody: 44,611

This is how much i’ve improved this month during the promotion:
Friends: +2,592
Subscribers: +1,563
Channel Views: +4,197
Upload Views: +39,823

So, I definately reached my goal of having 7,000 subscribers by the end of the promotion. I did not, however, reach my video views goal. I wanted to add 100,000 views to my total upload views. But there is always next time. I definately have to say with over 1500 subs and 2500 friends that this promotion was definately a success. What will i give away next time?

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11-15-11 stat update

I’ve been running my contest for about 16 days now. I’ve upped my promotion. I’ve been sending out friend request, comments, and sharing the hell out of my videos. Its really seemed to be working. I had set my subscriber goal to 7,000. I have already gained over 800 and i only have about 400 more to go to reach my goal. But i still don’t want to give my XBox away! But I will!

Here’s my stats as of today:
Friends: 28,602(+686)*
Subscribers: 6,614(+814)*
Channel Views: 87,201(+2,051)*
Upload Views: 204,827(+19,409)*
Most viewed video: Annoying Orange Parody: 43,179

The contest will run for a month. Then lets see how many we have at the end of November! Hopefully it works. My goal now for this contest is 7,000 subscribers! Can i do it??

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10-31-11 stat update

So I started my contest/giveaway a few days early. The plan is to bring a lot of viewers in with the promotion. I made the video “TC’s Fight Video” and i made 2 contest videos to go along with it. I made one explaining the contest and another showing the prizes. so it’s a 3 Video promotion. I’m trying to up my marketing a little bit more as well, i’m trying to post more comments and send out more friend request ect. I also started an adwords ad. (i got $200 free advertisement from Netfirms) Since the promotionn has been going for two days the actual stats will be a little less than what i have here. But this is my stats as of now

Here’s my stats as of today:
Friends: 27,916(+292)*
Subscribers: 5,441 5,800(+359)*
Channel Views: 83,780 85,150(+1,370)*
Upload Views: 173,775 185,418(+11,643)*
Most viewed video: Annoying Orange Parody: 41,971

The contest will run for a month. Then lets see how many we have at the end of November! Hopefully it works. My goal now for this contest is 7,000 subscribers! Can i do it??

Here are the videos:

*since last update

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Promotion Idea

So I’ve gotten an idea, and i hope that it works. I have two problems that i am trying to fix. My first problem is my lack of subscribers, friends and views. I have quite a bit, but i’m far for the YouTube stardom that i want. My second problem is the amount of “dislikes” and negative comments that I get on my videos.

I have concluded that the dislikes and negative comments that i get on my videos are mainly from users who do not like to be “SPAMed” by other YouTubers. They get offended for some reason when people that they do not know send them messages or videos to watch. That is something that i can’t get around as I try to market my videos and my YouTube channel.  If i send SPAM i’m going to get negative feedback. And to promote myself, i have to send SPAM. So how do i fix this problem??? Temporary Sub Videos.

By that i mean I send out a temporary video instead of my main cartoons. This way, when they dislike my video, it will not be my main cartoon. They will leave negative feedback on my sub-video. (in theory) Therefore my main video will hopefully have better feedback, and a better ratio of “likes” to “dislikes”. But what do i make a sub-video on? I can’t just make a video that says “hey, watch my new video!” That would be lame. I want to make a video that will get the viewers interst and gain me subscribers at the same time.


My idea is a promotion with each video that i send out. What kind of promotion. What do people like? They like FREE STUFF… or most of them do! So i do a give-away.


My plan is to start doing give-aways starting in November. I will start my promotion in october, telling people what i’m doing. Then i will post comments on users profiles, on videos and send messages telling people about my give-aways. Hopefully, that will get the attention of new subscribers. My first give-away will be my XBox 360. No it’s not new, but yes it is still an XBox. And it works. And NO, i don’t want to give it away, but it’s a sacrafice i’m wiling to take to promote my videos and to thank my fans.

My promotion will consist of 3 videos. That means at least 3 views per user who is interested in my contest.
1st Video: This will be the promotion video, or the video that i will send out to users. This is the video they will hopefully leave the negative feedback on. After the promotion is done, i will simply delete the video.

2nd Video: This video i will go into detail about the prize. Simply showing what the user can win if they try.

3rd Video: The last video in the tri will be my cartoon. The cartoon will be what the contest is based on. In order to enter the contest, then they must watch the cartoon. The promotion video will lead users to this video. Therefore, hopefully, users will not go to the second video just to dislike it. Although i’m sure a few will. But they will watch the video, with the initial hope to win something.

That’s my plan. I hope it works! and i hope it brings in enough viewers to make it worth while. I’ll see, and you’ll see with me. Wish me luck!

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10-10-2011 stat update

It has  been almost 3 months since my last update. My stats have gone up quite a bit in the last few weeks due to a promotion that i am working on.

Here’s my stats as of today:
Friends: 27,624 (+3,617)*
Subscribers: 5,441 (+951)*
Channel Views: 83,780 (+6,408)*
Upload Views: 173,775 (+38,573)*
Most viewed video: Annoying Orange Parody: 40,078

*since last update

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TC Stickers

Just like many other artist out there, i too am struggling to make ends meet. Bills come too quickly and pay is too little. I’ve been working part time 3rd shift so that i can go to school and work on my animations.
I’ve tried making money using Adsense, both by posting ads on my website, and by hosting my videos on YouTube. I get way too few video views for that to be profitable at all.  But i’m still trying.
So what i did, to try to make a few extra bucks is started selling TC stickers. i designed the sticker and had some printed. I’m selling them on my Vegie-Tables web site for only $2.50  and free shipping to the US. Hopefully i will be able to make a couple extra bucks this way. I just hope people are willing to buy  a TC sticker.
They are vinyl outdoor stickers 4 inches by 4 inches.

This is the Sticker I had printed... Click to buy! only $2.50!!!

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Answers From TC

So a while back i had an idea to ask my viewers and fans to come up with questions to ask TC.  It turned out pretty well at first. I had several users send some really good questions. I had a lot of fun doing the first episode of Answers from TC. What i did was: I went through all of the questions and picked my favorites. Out of those, i picked the ones that i could think of a decent answer to. I ended up with 6 questions to answer. One being a video. The other 5 were just typed messages that i recieved on Youtube. To save some time animating and to show more than just TC the entire time, i wrote/typed out letters (appearing to be from the youtubers). I made the letters and scanned them in. The wording on the letters were the exact same as the wording in the messages that i recieved from TC’s fans.  The one thing i didn’t like about the video, as i realised when i finished, is that it was about 8 min long. Too long for the average YouTuber to sit down and watch. So on the follow up episodes, i’ll stick with 1, 2 or 3 questions. Gotta make them shorter. Here’s the video:

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Stats update 7-21-11

Not much of an improvement since last time. It seems i’m getting views, but they are all from messages that i send on Tube Tool Box. I’m not getting too much of an audience from random searches. I will keep posting, and keep working. Hopefully I will get views soon!

Here’s my stats as of today:
Friends: 24,007 (+1,453)*
Subscribers: 4,490 (+235)*
Channel Views: 77,372 (+2,441)*
Upload Views: 135,202 (+13,246)*
Most viewed video: Annoying Orange Parody: 32,452

*since last update

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Do Not Attempt To Cheat Adsense!

Google Adsense is a very popular way to monetize with a website or on YouTube. For some people, it is the only way they make money online. I’m one of those persons. I don’t have any merchandise to sell online and I don’t charge for my videos. So Adsense is my only source of income from my cartoons and my website.
Now, we all make mistakes. I made one, and I learned from it. I hope to share my mistake with everyone else in hope that they learn from my mistake as well.

Google Adsense has a strick policy against “click fraud” or basically clicking your own ads or getting others to click on the ads for you. Now Google won’t notice just a few clicks here and there! WRONG! Google is smart. They have their ways. Here’s how i know:

I went to school 2 days a week. On Tuesday and on Thursday. About once a week, on a school computer, i would go to my website and click on an ad. Then i’d go to another page and click on another ad. I assumed that just a few clicks a week wouldn’t be too obvious. Also, when i went to friends houses, i would go to my website on their computer and click on an ad once or twice. I mean come on, we’re in rough times, i was just trying to get a couple cents. Bad Idea! I kept my payment on hold. My Income on Adsense was very, very slow. I would only make about $5-10 a month, if that. And that’s with  my clicks. So finally i reached around $150 on my adsense account. I was broke, so i decided to cash in on it. About a week later my Adsense Account had been suspended. They said it was due to invalid clicks or “click fraud.” Busted! Why would Google, a multi-million dollar company even look into a balance of $150? But needless to say, I didn’t see a dime of the $150. They closed my account and now i can never open one back up. That’s right. Never! So, lesson learned. Google knows what they are doing! Who would of thought?!

There are still other advertisement companies (Adsense Alternatives) out there. So if you get banned from adsense check out these:

  • Clicksor
  • TargetPoint
  • Adbrite
  • BidClix
  • Chitika
  • AllFeeds
  • Adhearus
  • AffiliateSensor
  • Bidvertiser
  • Veoda
  • RevenuePilot
  • Kanoodle
  • Enhance Interactive
  • Quigo
  • I haven’t looked into any of these except for adbrite. Adbrite seems to work exactly like Adsense. You can even use adbrite along with adsense. Plug in you adsense code (or anyother ad host code) into your adbrite account, and post your adbrite ad on your site. Adbrite will post whichever ad gets you the most money $$$$ The only downfall to other ad companies is that Google owns adsense and Youtube, so therefore, you can only post adsense ads on your youtube videos.

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    What have I been doing??

    So I haven’t posted any blogs or uploaded any videos in over a month. So what is my problem? Life! That’s what it is! But seriously, I finally found a job, or somewhat of a job, so that i can pay some bills while i wait on my cartoons to take off and make me millions. I’m working a 3rd shift job so that makes it hard for me to work on things. Life doesn’t evolve around 3rd shift. But i have been doing some work. I finished recording the audio for “Answers From TC” today. So I will edit the audio and then start animating on it. I have also gotten quite a bit of work done on “Where’s Nate?” I should have much more completed but for some reason its been hard for me to stay focused. But i’ve recently had a heart to heart with myself and have told myself that i need to get on a roll with it. I’m not getting any younger. So i’m going to try my best to speed up the process a little bit to finally finish the first full length episode of The Vegie-Tables. We’ll see how this goes!

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