What Program Do I Use to Make Cartoons?

There are several programs out today that allow you to make animaions. Two of the most popular are and ToonBoom.
I was first introduced to Adobe Flash, so that is what i use. I’ve looked into Toonboom, and although it seems to have several advantages over Flash, i still use Flash. I just haven’t had the money to buy ToonBoom yet.
The version of Flash that i use is an older version. A company named Macromedia used to own the rights to Flash before Adobe bought it from them. I use Macromedia Flash MX 2004. Through the years, the program has had several changes and additions to the software but over all it is still the same. The older version works perfect for me.
In Flash you can seperate your animations into frames and layers.

Frames are basically like flipping pages on a flip book. They run horizonatally on a timeline. you can set up Your file to have different frame rates (number of frames per second of animation) I use 24 frames per second. That means you can change your image 24 times in a second. Or 24 flip book pages per second.

Layers help you seperate your animation. for instance: If you want to draw clouds floating across a blue sky you could make 2 layers. on the first layer you would have a blue sky. Then you make another layer on top of the sky and draw a cloud. This way, you can animate the cloud with out having to animate the sky. Layers sit on top of each other like transparencies. Its like holding a transparency with a cloud drawn on it over a blue background. you can move the transparency across the background. Flash allows you to break you animation into as many different layers as you want. At first this can get confusing and overwhelming, but after practice, it greatly simplifies your work flow.

Flash also allows you to export your animations into most of todays common video formats.

If you would like to give Flash a try, check out http://adobe.com and you can download a 30 day trial version of the latest version of Flash.
Or you can Buy it

If you would like to try ToonBoom you can also get a trial edition at http://toonboom.com

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