How to: Get Subscribers and Video Views

So you’ve uploaded some videos on your youtube channel and you’re excited to see the comments people leave on them. All the videos are great videos and you’ve come up with some clever names to drive traffic to them. You’ve even added great tags to your videos and your channel to direct YouTubers to them. First day, nothing. Second day nothing. The next week, 3 more views. It’s been months and you still haven’t seen significant traffic on your videos. How do people do it? You’ve already seemed to do everything you need to do. I mean you want to be a famous YouTuber. You want to eventually partner with YouTube and start making profits on your video. These things are possible, but it takes time, and a little bit of effort on your part. Just follow these steps and you’ll be on your way.

  • Come up with quality videos that will keep people coming back. Whether you make video blogs, cartoons (like me), tutorials, or whatever it is you make. Make plenty of them and keep posting them regularly. Give your viewers something to watch.
  • Make your channel pleasing to look at . Avoid complicated backgrounds and definatly avoid transparent modules, background color, and wraper colors. This makes your chanel to strainful on the eyes and users will not enjoy your channel. I’ve seen too many channels that have both a complicated background and transparent background color. I coultn’t read anything on their channel.
  • Advertise yourself. Get out into the community and let other users know that you are there. Put thoughtful comments on other popular videos. Keep commenting on them and try to get the most thumb ups on your comment. Send users messages that have recently commented on videos similar to the videos that you upload and ask them to subscribe to your channel. Send out friend request to everyone you can.
    After a while of doing this however you realise that you have to constantly stay on YouTube looking for friends, sending messages and so on. On top of that, YouTube has sending limits that will only allow you to send a certain number friend request, messages, or comments in a certain period of time. You don’t have all day to sit around and promote your video. You need to spend your time making more videos, and thinking of awesome ideas. So what’s a good way to promote yourself with out spending countless hours at the computer?
    There are a few methods that I know of that you can do:
    1. You can promote your videos using YouTube’s promoted videos. This method allows you to set up a daily budget, and tell Youtube how much you want to pay per click on your video. In return they post your video in  more search results based on the keywords you enter. That’s an OK way of promoting your videos.
    2. You can go to one of those sites and “buy views.” There are many different sites that offer  to sell you video views, subscriptions, thumb ups, vidoe comments, channel views, and so on. You can buy those for practically any stat that your channel shows. The downside to this option is that its all a onetime deal. They give you subscriptions by fake users who never really plan on watching your videos. If you buy video views then it is only on that one video. So this method is only good if you spend a ton of money to get your video posted in the Most Viewed video section. In order to do that you would need to purchase tens of thousands of views. At one site I checked 10,000 views cost about$ 37. 50, 000 views cost $67. And 100,000 views is $127. You can purchase that and still not have the most viewed video. I highly suggest you not go with this option. But if you want to look into it check it out here .
    3. Now this is my preferred option. This is what i use and it has worked wonders on my Youtube channel. Remember the friend request and messages, and comments I told you to send? Well, does all of that for you. It is an automated program designed, to gather names, and then send messages, friend request, comment on videos, and pretty much anything you can do, it will do for you. The good thing about Tube Tool Box is that you can leave it running all day. That means it will continuosly work to get you more views and subscribers.
    But what about YouTube’s sending limits? Won’t this violate that? The answer is ”NO.” The toolbox will wait out any sending limit that Youtube puts up. After the limit is dropped. will start sending again. You don’t even have to touch it. Just let it run until it is finished. Then, start it again.
    Now i’m the type of person who is skeptical about everything. But i really wanted views. But does it really work? Try it out yourself to see. The program is free to download and then you get a trial version. With the trial version you can send out a very small number of messages and request in one day. It gives you a small taste of what it can do. If you then want to purchase it, you have that option.
    When i first tried it I instantly fell in love with it. So I purchased the full version. And I’m glad that I did. The day I started with Tube ToolBox I had only 16 subscribers and a hand full of friends. Now, only about 3 months later, I have almost 2,500 subscribers and over 13,000 friends. Plus I have 4 other channels with hundreds of subscribers each and thousands of friends each. And the best part: They are all REAL PEOPLE! They are not automated views by some random website. Real people will come back and watch my next vidoes. To make things even better for me, thanks to the help of Tube ToolBox, as of Dec. 18, 2010 (just about a month ago) YouTube approved me into the partner program. Now I can make money on my videos! Check out my Channel: Randall P Studios
    Now this option won’t make you an over night success. But it will definately work in time. Just keep doing what you’re doing: Making great videos.  So, If you’re serious about getting famous on YouTube, then i highly suggest trying . Hey, at least do the free trial, you have nothing to loose!

Download your trial right now and get started becoming a famous YouTuber:

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