So I felt like an idiot!

Sometime this past week i discovered something that made me feel like a complete idiot.
So I’ve been using Tube Toolbox for about 6 months now. It’s helped me to send out messages to YouTube users. On an average day, it allowed me to send about 200 messages. For a while, when YouTube changed their messageing restrictions, there would be days that i couldn’t even send out 10 messages.
This past week, i was reading a post on the Tube ToolBox forum. It was someone complaining that they couldn’t send out as many messages anymore. Then they said that they could still “share about videos with about 1000 users a day”… wait a minute what? So I immediately opened up the toolbox to check it out. There is a “Share Video with users” option. Why did i not see this before? So I immediately started sending out my videos to users.
The “Share video” option, allows you to send a video to up to 5 users on each sending cycle. In no time, i had a video sent to over 1000 users. HECK YEAH! I loved it. So i started gathering users and started sharing videos. Now, It seems that i can share a video with about 1000-1500 users a day. How did i miss this option for 6 months??? This will definately boost up my views and hopefully friends and subscribers as well!
Like i said, I felt like an idiot!!!

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I am a halfway student in Graphic Design. I say halfway because its hard for me to get up the money and time to go to school. My long term goal is to be a professional animator with my own cartoon series. This blog is a diary of my attempt.
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