Fun with Networking on YouTube

So my last idea was to interact with my friends and subscribers on YouTube. To do this, i made an episode of TC’s Words of Wisdom called Questions for TC. In this episode, I asked that all of my ‘fans’ come up with a question to ask TC. At the end of the cycle, i will pick 5-6 questions and TC will answer them in my next episode. I didn’t really think i’d have too much luck with this. But i did. I’ve had the videoposted for about 3 or 4 days and i’ve already gotten several questions. I’ve even gotten 3 video responses to the video. It’s fun to see what questions people come up with for a carrot to answer. It’s even more awesome that people take the time to make their own videos to ask TC questions. It’s really an honor to see all the effort others put into it. I recieved a message from one of the YouTubers today to ask me a question. He said he had been wanting to ask that question to one of the “big name YouTubers” for a while. That made me smile! Someone sees me as a big name youtuber! It felt good. I’m having a lot of fun on this particular project. It really seems to work for my audience.

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I am a halfway student in Graphic Design. I say halfway because its hard for me to get up the money and time to go to school. My long term goal is to be a professional animator with my own cartoon series. This blog is a diary of my attempt.
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