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So a while back i had an idea to ask my viewers and fans to come up with questions to ask TC.  It turned out pretty well at first. I had several users send some really good questions. I had a lot of fun doing the first episode of Answers from TC. What i did was: I went through all of the questions and picked my favorites. Out of those, i picked the ones that i could think of a decent answer to. I ended up with 6 questions to answer. One being a video. The other 5 were just typed messages that i recieved on Youtube. To save some time animating and to show more than just TC the entire time, i wrote/typed out letters (appearing to be from the youtubers). I made the letters and scanned them in. The wording on the letters were the exact same as the wording in the messages that i recieved from TC’s fans.  The one thing i didn’t like about the video, as i realised when i finished, is that it was about 8 min long. Too long for the average YouTuber to sit down and watch. So on the follow up episodes, i’ll stick with 1, 2 or 3 questions. Gotta make them shorter. Here’s the video:

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I am a halfway student in Graphic Design. I say halfway because its hard for me to get up the money and time to go to school. My long term goal is to be a professional animator with my own cartoon series. This blog is a diary of my attempt.
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