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So I’ve gotten an idea, and i hope that it works. I have two problems that i am trying to fix. My first problem is my lack of subscribers, friends and views. I have quite a bit, but i’m far for the YouTube stardom that i want. My second problem is the amount of “dislikes” and negative comments that I get on my videos.

I have concluded that the dislikes and negative comments that i get on my videos are mainly from users who do not like to be “SPAMed” by other YouTubers. They get offended for some reason when people that they do not know send them messages or videos to watch. That is something that i can’t get around as I try to market my videos and my YouTube channel.  If i send SPAM i’m going to get negative feedback. And to promote myself, i have to send SPAM. So how do i fix this problem??? Temporary Sub Videos.

By that i mean I send out a temporary video instead of my main cartoons. This way, when they dislike my video, it will not be my main cartoon. They will leave negative feedback on my sub-video. (in theory) Therefore my main video will hopefully have better feedback, and a better ratio of “likes” to “dislikes”. But what do i make a sub-video on? I can’t just make a video that says “hey, watch my new video!” That would be lame. I want to make a video that will get the viewers interst and gain me subscribers at the same time.


My idea is a promotion with each video that i send out. What kind of promotion. What do people like? They like FREE STUFF… or most of them do! So i do a give-away.


My plan is to start doing give-aways starting in November. I will start my promotion in october, telling people what i’m doing. Then i will post comments on users profiles, on videos and send messages telling people about my give-aways. Hopefully, that will get the attention of new subscribers. My first give-away will be my XBox 360. No it’s not new, but yes it is still an XBox. And it works. And NO, i don’t want to give it away, but it’s a sacrafice i’m wiling to take to promote my videos and to thank my fans.

My promotion will consist of 3 videos. That means at least 3 views per user who is interested in my contest.
1st Video: This will be the promotion video, or the video that i will send out to users. This is the video they will hopefully leave the negative feedback on. After the promotion is done, i will simply delete the video.

2nd Video: This video i will go into detail about the prize. Simply showing what the user can win if they try.

3rd Video: The last video in the tri will be my cartoon. The cartoon will be what the contest is based on. In order to enter the contest, then they must watch the cartoon. The promotion video will lead users to this video. Therefore, hopefully, users will not go to the second video just to dislike it. Although i’m sure a few will. But they will watch the video, with the initial hope to win something.

That’s my plan. I hope it works! and i hope it brings in enough viewers to make it worth while. I’ll see, and you’ll see with me. Wish me luck!

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I am a halfway student in Graphic Design. I say halfway because its hard for me to get up the money and time to go to school. My long term goal is to be a professional animator with my own cartoon series. This blog is a diary of my attempt.
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4 Responses to Promotion Idea

  1. Noda says:

    Making YouTube videos should be about having fun. Not about how famous you get. It also not about complaining about dislikes. Listen to what people say, then try to make your videos better the next time. Also calm down on the ‘bad’ words. People hate it when others curse to much, everyone so often it’s fine. But your videos have it just about twice a sentance. I hope you take my advice, because if ou make YouTube videos just for money and fame, then just don’t make videos at all.

    • admin says:

      you are right, It is about having fun. But it is also about money. If people can make money from YouTube then they can quit their jobs and put more time and effort into what they love. right now i only get a couple hours a week to work on what i love doing: animations. If i could make money from my animations then i could make it a full time job and thus spend more time making better quality animations, with better scripts, better flow, and just plain better all around. The animations are not about money, but unfortunately that’s what life is about. oh, and about the “bad” words. You’re right… At first i was going for the vulgar approach, but that is only ok with a certain audience. I’ve toned my cartoons down a lot. I still add a few “bad” words and dirty language and subject matter, but thats the idea of the series. Its not a kiddy series. But you can see a huge difference in “Gangsta Ghost” and “Where’s Nate”. Thanx for your comment, and thanx for watching/reading! I really appreciate it.
      Randall P

  2. Noda says:

    Also I like your veggie tables series. ^_^