10-31-11 stat update

So I started my contest/giveaway a few days early. The plan is to bring a lot of viewers in with the promotion. I made the video “TC’s Fight Video” and i made 2 contest videos to go along with it. I made one explaining the contest and another showing the prizes. so it’s a 3 Video promotion. I’m trying to up my marketing a little bit more as well, i’m trying to post more comments and send out more friend request ect. I also started an adwords ad. (i got $200 free advertisement from Netfirms) Since the promotionn has been going for two days the actual stats will be a little less than what i have here. But this is my stats as of now

Here’s my stats as of today:
Friends: 27,916(+292)*
Subscribers: 5,441 5,800(+359)*
Channel Views: 83,780 85,150(+1,370)*
Upload Views: 173,775 185,418(+11,643)*
Most viewed video: Annoying Orange Parody: 41,971

The contest will run for a month. Then lets see how many we have at the end of November! Hopefully it works. My goal now for this contest is 7,000 subscribers! Can i do it??

Here are the videos:

*since last update

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I am a halfway student in Graphic Design. I say halfway because its hard for me to get up the money and time to go to school. My long term goal is to be a professional animator with my own cartoon series. This blog is a diary of my attempt.
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