Who am I?

I am just a guy, who is trying to do what I love. I’m 26 (at the time of writing this) and I live in NC. I’ve just recently figured out what I want to do with my life (career wise). I want to be an animator and have my very own cartoon series. I have had no schooling for animation but i have tought myself quite a bit. I am currently in the process of trying (slowly) to get a degree in graphic design.

All of my life i’ve wanted to do someting big. I just didn’t know what then. Now i do. This blog is going to be basically a journal of my ventures into getting my cartoons seen by the world. Right now, i have no clue how to do it. I will learn. I am determined. Hopefully after I learn, i can share my experience with others who want to follow the same path i have taken. Hopefully i can inspire them in some way. Or, they can learn from my mistakes.

I am a very adventurous person. I like to take chances and risk. I just recently completed a 4 month cross country trip on my bicycle with my girlfriend. (http://project-live.org that’s my website for it.) that was the most exciting thing i’ve ever done, but hopefully i will do something even more exciting in the future. Now i’m back on track, I think. And i’m working on getting some cartoons complete and getting them out there. Its hard work, but i’m trying to venture out there and accomplish something!

To do my cartoons i use Adobe or Macromedia Flash. It’s the only program i’ve used so far. I want to get into using Toonboom software but i’m broke. So maybe i can make some money off of my cartoons and do a little upgrade. Flash does what i need it to do though. I’ve been very happy with it so far. Flash was given to me by a friend before i knew anything about animation. Once i figured out how to use it, i quickly fell in love with animation. I just love watching my characters come to life.

2 Responses to Who am I?

  1. Pevy says:

    Hey, great site!
    My name is Pevy and I’m your same age.
    I also discovered what i wanted to do career wise this year:
    I want to be a video editor.
    Funny it is, but I’m also trying to get a graphic design degree.
    I’m halfway too because it’s hard to work, have a family and study.
    KEEP GOING! You’re a great inspiration


    • admin says:

      That’s awesome, i’ve also considered going into the film industry. I feel like i just want to do everything! But i’m glad to hear that you are moving along the way in your Graphic Design Degree, what school do you attend? I’m still working on my degree as well! I had to take some time off to do a cycling trip, but i’m back at it now. I bet it is tough going. Life is busy enough with out school! Thank you so much for the comment! It means a lot.

      Jonathan (RP)