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Answers From TC

So a while back i had an idea to ask my viewers and fans to come up with questions to ask TC.  It turned out pretty well at first. I had several users send some really good questions. I had … Continue reading

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Fun with Networking on YouTube

So my last idea was to interact with my friends and subscribers on YouTube. To do this, i made an episode of TC’s Words of Wisdom called Questions for TC. In this episode, I asked that all of my ‘fans’ … Continue reading

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How I Started recording Voices For My Cartoons

There are so many things that go into making a cartoon, not just animating. In fact, i think animating is the easy part. If you watch the credits of a popular cartoon such as Family Guy, Simpsons, or Spongebob you will notice that there are hundreds of names and jobs that it takes to make those cartoons. When i first started animating, i had absolutely no clue how to record decent voices for my cartoons. I mean i could go to a local recording studio, but like any other beginner animator i didn’t have the money for that. Continue reading

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When I finally completed my first cartoon I was in a hurry to do another one. So i started. I started writing and designing and then i was ready to put it on the computer. I laed out all of …

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