How To Make Cartoons

Have you ever watched one of your favorite cartoons, Tom and Jerry, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and wondered “How do they do that?” I know i used to! I loved how they made their drawings come to life. I could draw characters. I could draw them in different positions. But I had no clue how to make them walk, run, talk, or smack each other around. When i was little, i would take note pads, kind of like the sticky note pads, and i would make a flip book of stick men running around and shooting each other. But i wanted to make actual cartoons, not just a stick man flip book.

About 5 years ago, i picked up one of my characters, one that i had been drawing for years. I wanted to turn him into a cartoon. So i asked a friend and he introduced me to a program called Macromedia Flash. (Now known as Adobe Flash). With Flash i was able to take my drawings and animate them frame by frame just as i would do on the note pad flip book.

There was a bit more to using Flash than just drawing however. But the same concept was there. Draw a character doing one thing, then in the next frame (or page on a flip book) draw him in his next position. Then one you have all your Frames (or pages) drawn, Flash lets you run through them as if you were flipping the pages on the flipbook. BAM! An Animation.

Im my “ Creating Animations ” category on this blog, i’m going to try to help you better understand how this works. I’m going to post little Tutorials to try to help those who want to become animators better grasp the concept by using Flash.

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