Why is YouTube so popular? Why do so many people constantly upload videos to YouTube? What do they have to gain other than a few seconds of fame? Why do companies post videos on YouTube? One thing that most people do not realize about YouTube is that they share their profits. Yes, you can actually make money by posting videos on Youtube. Awesome! I know. How?

YouTube has something called a Partner program. That means users can become partners with YouTube. Kind of like business partners. Through this program YouTube pays YOU, when your videos generate revenue for them.

When you partner with YouTube you have a couple different options on how to make money. The most common methed is to let YouTube post advertisements on your videos. The ads show up at the bottom of your video for the first few seconds of the video. If a view clicks on the add then BAM! you get paid. YouTube gets paid from the owner of the advertisement. Then they share the profits with you the user. Why do they do this? It encourages users to upload quality videos to YouTube. The other method of making money with youtube is by rentals. You can post a vidoe on YouTube, and then set a rental price and allow people to “rent out” your video. Just like video stores but on YouTube. Pretty neat, huh?

How do you become a partner with YouTube?

YouTube doesn't allow just anyone to partner with them. Somepeople just upload random videos that never get viewed. Youtube has qualifications and guidelines for who can become a partner. First of all, the videos that you post have to be 100% your own work. This means no uploading clips from someother movie, game, or any other work. Everything in the video has to be original, everything visual, as well as all of the audio. The next big qualification is that you have to regularly upload videos to YouTube which get viewed by thousands of people. They have to see that your videos have fans and that people want to watch what you do. There are several more qualifications that they look at. For more info on that click here .

How Do You Start?

Well, first get the basics out of the way. Create a YouTuve channel. It would be best to personalize it to match any brand or business that you might have. Or just make it look nice. Then, upload several videos. Start getting views. Try you best to get friends and subscribers. For this I used a program called TubeToolBox . To learn more about how i did it click here.

After you have several hundred subscribers (I waited until i had 700), and you have several thousand upload views go to http://youtube.com/partners . Then apply. Follow all of the directions, and then wait for a response. It would be good to go ahead and set up an Adsense account ahead of time because Youtube requires a valid Adsense account to make money from the ads.

How Long Does It Take To Be Approved For a YouTube Partnership?

Good question. A while. that's the best answer i can give. I thought i was never going to get a response from them. I waited and waited and waited. It took 3 months to get a response. They sent an E-mail to my main account. When i recieved it, i was nervous that i was declined. But they accepted. I've heard of cases taking longer than 3 months, and also cases taking less time. You just have to wait.

How Much Money Can You Make?

That really depends. How popular are your videos. People first have to view your videos. Then they have to actually click the advertisement on your video. I'm just guessing that 1% of your viewers click on the ads. It could be more, it could be less. but lets say it's 1%. If you have 10,000 views, and 1% clicked on the ad that would mean that 100 people clicked. The way the ads work is that the advertiser pays Youtube a certain bid for their ad to appear. It could be 25 cents, it could be $2.00. say it averages to 75 cents per click that the advertiser pays YouTube. You get about half of that which is about 37 cents. So 37 cents per click and you get 100 clicks that means you get $37. Not a whole lot, but more than you had before. I recently read an article on Yahoo! News about top YouTubers. Some of them have made up to $400,000 using the YouTube Partner program. The article listed several users who have made at least $100,000. That's the main reason i started using YouTube as a means of promoting my cartoons.

Below is an example of how you can make money with Adsense on YouTube. When someone clicks on the ad on the video I get paid.

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Can You Make Money With YouTube?