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TC loves to answer questions from his fans. On random episodes of TC's Words of Wisdom, TC will answer different questions from actual YouTube fans. Send him a question! He might answer yours! Make sure you think of a good one though, he gets a lot of questions to answer and he has to pick through them. The best way to get him to answer one of your questions is to make a video response to Questions For TC on YouTube. He loves watching videos.

To Ask TC a question you must be a subscriber and like the video below for him to consider your question. Click the Subscribe link at the top right of this page, if you are not already a subscriber, to get to RPS's Youtube Channel and Subscribe. To Ask TC a question you can send him a personal message on YouTube or you can simply fill out the form below.
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When making Answers From TC we draw letters to use as YouTubers questions. If you would like us to use your actual hand written letter please scan it and send it as an attatchment (make sure it is a .jpg file) to:

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